Smokes & Dogs


Get our Smokes and Dogs delivered to your door! From special occasions to a nice dinner at home, our famous half-smokes, crab cakes, chili con carne, and much more can be shipped anywhere in the USA via Ben’s Chili Bowl’s online store.


Burgers & Subs

100% Angus beef burgers, cooked to order. Made with family farm raised and all natural fresh beef. No antibiotics. No hormones. No steroids. Never frozen.

Ben’s burgers are truly THE BEST!


Sandwich Toppings

Free options: lettuce, tomatoes, raw onion, pickles, jalapeño peppers, relish, Ben’s homemade chili sauce or veggie chili, ketchup, mustard, mayo.

Available for an additional charge: cheese, bacon, coleslaw, grilled onions.

Please check with a team member for details.


Chili & Bowls




 Award Winning

Vegetarian Options

Our homemade vegan chili and other products have won awards from PETA and other vegetarian organizations. All of our food items except our buns and the Impossible Burgers are gluten free. Gluten free buns are available on request.